Rumored Buzz on Guinea Pig Urine Stains

Rumored Buzz on Guinea Pig Urine Stains

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It may be an indication of polyuria/polydipsia, especially if your piggy is consuming and urinating much more generally. Ingesting plenty of drinking water might lead to kidney problems in guinea pigs. It could also imply that the piglet’s kidneys are certainly not Doing work appropriately and therefore are not able to filter out the toxins from your body.

If we show you that guinea pigs urinate much because they consume loads of drinking water, I received’t be earning a idiot of you. The biology at the rear of this is a higher charge of metabolism.

When you observe a modify inside your guinea pig’s urine color, it could be a sign of the wellness difficulty. Here are several of the most common abnormal urine colors and the things they may possibly reveal:

As a brand new or aged guinea pig operator, you may well be asking yourself exactly where this adorable pet originates from. Guinea pigs originate from South The usa. They were…

The microorganisms can directly go inside the urinary tract from your bordering, leading to urinary tract infection. Guinea pigs over three many years of age usually tend to be contaminated.

To examine your guinea pig’s urine color, merely observe them while They are really urinating. It's also possible to put a white paper towel or napkin under their hindquarters to capture the urine and observe the color.

Your guinea pig is balanced until its pee is evident. It may be thick, cloudy, and white as a result of calcium carbonate and source ammonium phosphate crystals during the urine. However, excess calcium isn't a good indication. Red stains or pinkish color of urine signifies the existence of blood while in the urine. 

These stains not just make the cage smell terrible, However they can even be Unattractive and difficult to remove. In this article, We'll go over anything you need to know about guinea pig urine stains and how to cope with them.

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Guinea pigs are a preferred pet option for a lot of households, but it surely’s crucial to know the possible dangers of…

Guinea pigs commonly pee crimson urine after ingesting greens including dandelions, broccoli, and cabbage. This strange urine coloration is because of the excretion of plant pigments during the diet program. And it is almost nothing to bother with. 

A liver difficulty could potentially cause a buildup of bilirubin, that may trigger orange urine. Treatment will rely upon the underlying result in.

The signs and symptoms are similar to People with bladder stones. Your vet will evaluate the situation by urine sample and x-ray.

Are they afflicted? Is it an allergic response? And it is entirely easy to understand for Guinea Pig owners for being anxious concerning this. This article will present you with important…

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